The ***hotel restaurant, La Sapinière...

in the country near Saint-Omer near the Opal Coast in the heart of a tourist area waiting to be discovered

The city of Saint-Omer is located in the heart of a Country of Art and History. A story that is expressed in the rich heritages of the abbey’s Gothic architecture as well as that of the monumental twentieth century blockhouse, the treasures of the Sandelin museum, Henri Dupuis museum, the Castrale moat, churches but as well as the forest and moors and the banks of the river’s wetlands

Located in the village of Wisques near to the Benedictine Abbeys, Notre Dame and Saint Paul Benedictine, partially constructed by Dom Bellot "the poet of brick" and the Abbey of Nuns, La Sapinière is the ideal starting point for many excursions in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais region. Just 4 kilometers from Wizernes, our hotel is near the 3D planetarium and the Centre of History and Memory of"La Coupole" Helfaut, an impressive vestige of the Second World War and the conquest of space.

Going north, visit the blockhouse in Eperlecques, a listed building which is a must in the region.

Southeast of Saint-Omer, Arques, and the crystal glass works and the Fontinettes boat lift, A few minutes from Wisques, Esquerdes to the paper museum and the powder magasine. In Houlle, the Juniper distillery. In Saint Omer the Marsh House ...

A Fauquembergues, the Enerlya playful space discovery site of renewable energy are examples of sights to see in the immediate vicinity of our hotel.

A little further, just 40 minutes away, Boulogne-Sur-Mer and Lens offer other opportunities to discover. Among them "Le Nausicaa", Boulogne’s famous aquarium and the famous "second Louvre" museum in Lens.

Finally, leisure and sporting activities for the whole family, abound in the area: the station trail and the Golf du Pays in Lumbres, 10 minutes from Saint-Omer; Les Belles Echappées (original rides 2CV, e-Solex, tandems, scooters, bicycles and piaggio Calessino California); playful tour of the Clock Tower to discover the history of the Vikings; railway tourism in the Aa valley; the Rando-rail tourism walk from Nielles-les-Bléquin, or visits to Laby'Parc, Opalaventure, Dennlys Park theme parks ....

  • Do you want to plan a motorcycle trip?

    Directions from hotel

    You will find at the reception, a booklet offering four tours to discover the region:

    - Discover the Audomarois between the North and the Pas de Calais

    - Discover the two Caps of the Opal Coast

    - Discovering the three Flanders mountains

    - Discovering the flat country of French Flanders

    A garage closed and equipped with a water point is at your disposal (on prior reservation at the reception).

    Book in our hotel Logis moto! 

  • La Coupole

    Directions from hotel

    The La Coupole-Wizernes, or La Coupole, is a World War II bunker, converted into the center of history and memory. It located in the town of Helfaut near St Omer. It was built by Nazi Germany between 1943 and 1944 in order to serve as a launch base for V2 rockets towards England.

  • The Public Gardens of Saint - Omer

    Directions from hotel

    Maginficent public garden in Saint Omer. Landscaped grounds of the late nineteenth century nestling in the ancient fortifications of the seventeenth century.

  • Les Belles Echappées

    Directions from hotel

    Les Belles Echappées welcome you in the enchanting setting of the Abbey Close, for retro fun-filled walks, to discover an authentic and welcoming region 

    With family, friends, colleagues, for a weekend or a few hours, drive our vehicles away from the beaten track!

    Discover our individual and group offers.

  • Au Bon Accueil

    Directions from hotel

    A unique place in France. The Audomarois marshes meander through 160 kms of navigable rivers, wide or narrow wild and inhabited, stretching over 15 towns

    For a day, an hour, be seduced between land and water, between mystery and beauty.

  • The Block house in Éperlecques

    Directions from hotel

    The biggest bunker in northern France, witness to this dark period from 1939 to 1945.

    Open to the public since 1973, it was classified as a Historical Monument in 1985.

    1h30 visit to find out about the history of Eperlecques Bunker, the secret weapon technology of the V2 & V1, in a wooded park. You will be impressed, interested and take away an unforgettable memory!

  • Juniper gin distillery in Houlle

    Directions from hotel

    Founded in 1812, the gin distillery is one of the last two still existing in France.
    The Persyn family, who have run it since 1944, keep watch and invite you to discover the craftsmanship secrets of this water of life, so typical of Flanders.

    Calculated doses of rye, oats and germinated barley, decorated with berries of the juniper that give it its name, the juniper is rich in all the country scents of the North.

    That of Houlle is ranked among the best, and has the support of all gourmets

  • Nausicca

    Directions from hotel

     National Marine Centre, plus an aquarium, mecca of tourism in the Nord-Pas-de-Calais.

  • Trail Resort

    Directions from hotel

    © A Trail Resort is a place dedicated 100% to Trail, which offers courses, services, 

    and tools to both beginners eager to learn and be taught, as well as enthusiasts looking for in one place what arrange internships or full weekends.
    Each trail each station is linked to a territory eager to help you discover its best scenery and best courses, and welcome you for a day or a whole weekend.

  • The Tourist Railway of the Aa Valley

    Directions from hotel

    From Arques to Lumbres and back, 15 kms from the old railway in Saint-Omer / Boulogne-sur-Mer, take time to look at the landscape of the Aa valley which unfolds before your eyes ...

    Option: go for a 30 km / h for a trip as in the 50s, aboard the red and cream "Picasso" railcar or traveling aboard a 150 Ty2 6690 steam .

    locomotive from Poland.

  • via Francigena

    Directions from hotel

    "All roads lead to Rome," says the proverb

    This is precisely the aim of the Via Francigena, the road Francs or French, which in the Middle Ages connected northern Europe to the Eternal City (Rome). Pilgrims used it to go to the tomb of Saint - Peter.

  • The Opal coast

    Directions from hotel

    Discover the jewels of the Opal Coast.
    From Calais to Boulogne discover "Le Cap Blanc-Nez" and "Cap Gris-Nez."
    Do not hesitate to stop in Wissant, Audresselles or Wimereux.


  • The Ardents equestrian farm in Lumbres

    Directions from hotel

    Whatever your age, discover the joys of riding a horse or pony.

    It's in a friendly atmosphere that you head towards that which makes you dream.

    Evasion and the feeling of being at one with the horse is waiting for you!

  • Walking in Wisques

    Directions from hotel

    In Wisques there are two monasteries: Abbeys of Our Lady (nuns) and St. Paul (Monks).

    Both monasteries belong to the Congregation of Solesmes (Order of Saint Benedict).

  • La motte castrale

    Directions from hotel

    The motte castle, one of the founding sites of the city built in the tenth century to protect the collegiate church of Saint-Omer.First castle of the city founded by the Counts of Flanders, first carrying a wooden tower and a stone dungeon, it was then the residence of the lord of Saint-Omer.

  • City of lace and fashion

    Directions from hotel

    The international city of lace and fashion is a museum of Calais which was inaugurated on June 11, 2009.

  • La Brasserie Goudale

    Directions from hotel

    Brasserie Goudale, an identity that does not deceive!

    Immerse yourself in the universe.

    Know-how, tradition and dynamism are our watchwords.Follow our guide who will share with you our beautiful adventure and our passion.To finish in a friendly atmosphere, we invite you to taste our exceptional beers and to discover our shop.An unforgettable visit in a remarkable setting ..

  • Do you want to plan a bike trip?

    Directions from hotel

    You will find in your hotel Logis Vélo a service and an incomparable quality of reception.

    A garage closed and equipped with a water point is at your disposal (on prior reservation at the reception).

    Signposted circuits of quality are organized by the tourist office of Lumbres and Saint-Omer.

    The tourist office of Lumbres, offers its mountain bike rental space:

    3 adult mountain bikes and 1 child mountain bike

    3 Electric Assistance Bikes

    1 Electric Tandem

  • Rando Rail near Lumbres

    Directions from hotel

    The rail pedalo: 10 kilometers of track spread over the two proposed routes. In a green setting. Unwind with family or friends

  • St Omer Cathedral

    Directions from hotel

    Notre Dame de Saint-Omer, a flamboyant Gothic masterpiece .

    It overlooks the Audomarois and Aa Valley.

    It houses Rubens Descent from the Cross, numerous sculptures by Jacques du Broeucq and an organ restored in 1855 by the organ factor Aristide Cavaillé-Coll grace the walls of the building 

  • Dennlys Park

    Directions from hotel

    In the heart of the countryside, the Dennlys Park is the family amusement park of the region par excellence. Many attractions for you to relax and have fun!

  • La Maison du Marais

    Directions from hotel

    Enerlya is a playful discovery area of renewable energy for the whole family. Follow the advice of Jamy, host of "Its not complicated" and discover 500 m² devoted to natural energy. With a fun and interactive trail for all ages, you will enter the intimacy of the elements: water, wind, sun, wood, earth. Open a dam to illuminate the model of the mill, find the right temperature and the solar collector or learn the tricks of the bioclimatic house. After the visit, the garden of énerlya home to extraordinary games and full of energy or a family photo shoot.

  • Louvre - Lens

    Directions from hotel

    This "second Louvre" is located in Lens in the Pas de Calais. It hosts semi-permanent exhibitions representative of all the collections of the Louvre, regularly renewed. It also hosts temporary exhibitions of a national or international level. The museum will be accessible on the Artois-Gohelle tramway in the 2020s but until shuttles connect the stations to the attraction.